I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked

Ok, firstly, if you had tried everything then there would be no need to say that because you would have found what worked.

You haven’t tried everything. You’ve just probably tried short-term fad diets, which get you fast weight loss and even faster weight gain. Then you decide to quit the diet because you starved and restricted yourself of everything you enjoy.

The problem with you lot is you have no patience. You want to lose 2 stone in 2 weeks, which you gained over 3 months. You want fast results, instant achievement and immediate rewards.

You need to accept that results take time. Take a toilet roll. Remove one square off the roll every day and you probably wouldn’t notice a difference from day to day. Come back 30 days later and the roll is almost gone.

Be patient and trust the process. Hard work over time yields results.

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