What are Basefit Training Classes?

Basefit Training is a functional circuit based class designed to deliver functional movements and body weight exercises at a high intensity to optimise muscle toning and weight loss.

The 45 minute workout challenges clients with a mixture of aerobic, anaerobic, interval and functional exercises as well as tailored Olympic and power-lifting exercises. The circuit and each station is designed for all ages and fitness levels while at the same time pushing you to your limit and being able to progress and regress along with your development and fitness levels.

All instructors are personal training qualified and able to adapt or offer alternatives to the circuit if you require.

Basefit Inside Location

Basefit Classes & Prices

No booking needed, just turn up! If it's your first session then please come 10 to 15 mins before your class begins to fill out some forms and go through the circuit.

9.30am Mixed
1pm Mixed
5pm Mixed
6pm Mixed
7pm Mixed
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